A hat just for you.

The made-to-measure hat is the art of transforming what's in your head and on your head!

A made-to-measure hat is certainly the joy of touching the exception, the singularity in all its splendor. Here, you choose:
A fabric but which one A rather light color, a rather round shape, wider edges, not less wide finally, the material of your crown of course, an ornament or not... The choices are multiple and Geneviève Parois will be there for you guide. His expert eye, his knowledge of habits and customs, combined with a fine quasi-psychological analysis, will allow him to advise you according to the expected use, your morphology and skin tone but also according to your personality.é.
A hat just for her, just for him.
A tailor-made hat as a gift is certainly the magic that operates. Because there are gifts that we do not forget, those that testify to the very special attention we pay to those we love. Again, Geneviève Parois runs if you know exactly what you want. She can also help you find THE hat you need.
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