Geneviève Parois designs the hat as an art object and, as such, offers a catering service.
Repair to resuscitate.
You are the happy heir to a treasure found in an old trunk, a costume designer looking for know-how to restore Cyrano's hat, a lover of flea markets where you have picked up this superb 1930s Borsalino, Geneviève Parois invites you to renovate your old (or less old) hats to give them back all their panache..
Modify, transform to modernize.
It only takes a little sometimes to give a second life to your favorite hat; There to replace a somewhat faded flower, here a tarnished brooch or even a ribbon, a threadbare veil, Geneviève Parois makes a precise diagnosis, advises you and makes the modifications according to your desires. You can also give him carte blanche and your hat will come back to you transformed.
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