Geneviève Parois reveals a world of elegance and sobriety where materials and surprising lines intertwine to offer irresistibly modern collections of hats and head jewelry.


The Geneviève Parois style
Geneviève Parois creations combine softness and femininity. They are characterized by an artistic know-how made in France, combining with elegance and refinement colors, noble and unusual fabrics. The lines are clean, graphic, even sculptural, always fiercely harmonious. His style is certainly eclectic, deeply assured and assumed, with an avant-garde touch that makes him recognizable among all.
 Unique hats for unique women

At Geneviève Parois, we believe above all in the elegance and uniqueness of each woman, We believe in that little something that makes all the difference, We believe above all that the real power is that of being free and this power is in the one who dares, We are not talking here about fashion, about trends but about style, allure, attitude. We mark our difference, for the happiness of being ourselves. Just decide. Dare to be yourself!