How to measure your head circumference?

Essential tools.

a tape measure (known as a seamstress)

or a string associated with a flat ruler.

Place your tape measure on your forehead, horizontally and go around your pretty head.

The recommended place to take the measurement is the widest, namely the middle of your forehead, about one centimeter above your eyebrows, passing over the ears.

If you are between two sizes, it is wiser to take the larger size, provided that you then place a fleece that allows you to readjust the hat comfortably to your head circumference.

What are the standard sizes?

XS: 52 - 53 cm head circumference

S: 54 - 55 cm head circumference

M: 56 - 57 cm head circumference

L :58 - 59 cm head circumference

XL: 60 - 61 cm head circumference

Are one-size-fits-all really suitable for all heads??

Yes, because single sizes are offered for hats made of flexible materials or for head jewelry that does not fit together but rather sits on the top of the head. Therefore, you do not take any risk, especially since the materials chosen for these hats are very comfortable.

If your head does not correspond to any standard size, Geneviève Parois can completely make the hat of your choice to measure.