Restoring the hat to its former glory

For her, the hat is much more than a simple fashion accessory, it symbolizes an art of living, a way of being and of distinguishing oneself, a very contemporary nobility.



Nobility through posture

Because wearing a hat is certainly an act of distinction and a clear desire to sublimate everyday life, with elegance. For Geneviève Parois, the hat is not only the prerogative of great ceremonies, it is also an everyday accessory, the one that brings a style and a specific identity.

Nobility through matter

Because wearing a hat is an invitation to discover noble materials:felt, fabrics, velvet, silk, lace, fur, leather the materials mingle and intertwine, arise and juxtapose, to create lines and volumes all in harmony and comfort..
If some decry the use of leather and fur in our clothes, Geneviève defends a know-how in compliance with Quality charters.

Nobility through know-how

Far from industrialized confections, made on the other side of the planet, GenevièveParois approaches his profession of craftsmanship as an asset; by its unalterable creativity, by its precious know-how, by its saving imprint on our increasingly standardized, profitable, consumerist societies. 
As such, it campaigns for the preservation of this craftsmanship, and more particularly French-style craftsmanship, and its recognition as an integral part of the cultural heritage.

Geneviève Parois identifies with an artist; for her, shaping a collection is more instinctive than rational. It works for the search for excellence in sharing in the service of "beauty".Its vocation is to democratize the hat, without ever popularizing it.


“Everything passes and everything wearies, the nations, the individuals who compose them, gone with the wind. There remains only the beauty transmitted by the artists.. 

Ernest Hemingway