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This all embossed patent leather beret offers comfort in every way.

First, the comfort of being worn, simply and easily, thanks to its wonderful material that is both flexible and light. This beret is fully lined.

Then, because it will make your life easier:

Totally waterproof, it will act as a rain hat. Practical, no need to bother with an umbrella!

Completely foldable, you can easily store it. In your everyday life, you will easily slip it into your bag. For a trip, you will necessarily take it with you; this hat will easily find its place in your suitcase, whether large or small.

Why the beret Because it is timeless..

The beret defies all times and all generations, it defies borders and cultures. He defies styles and affiliations, but he has one consistency: he remains so French, the little Frenchy touch that the whole world almost envies us!Of course, we immediately think of the authentic Basque beret with its characteristic little beret. And once again, the headgear is not enough on its own and multiplies; in an alpine beret with its wide brims, in a cap beret for a look so British for once, in a Chopin beret with its hemmed edges, always very chic.

One thing is certain: The beret is undeniably the everyday headgear, always easy and always inspiring. It adapts to each style and transforms your outfits in the blink of an eye to make them unique.

The Geneviève Parois style: The Geneviève Parois beret, while remaining minimalist, is entirely revisited by textile materials. Here, you find it in a Gavroche version, but without edge, which gives it a dynamic and irresistibly modern look.


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