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Adopt this magnificent large leather headband which will very quickly simplify your life!

No time to style your hair In a jiffy, it is hoisted on your head and your flyaways will be totally tamed. 

An outfit that's a little too dark In no time, this deep raspberry headband brings the pop of color that brightens up your outfit and changes everything for once! 

You thought he was too wise to be carried Nay! Get those ready-made ideas out of your head! The headband is back in force for an irresistibly glamorous look. So, to consume without moderation; it is so easy to wear..

This leather model has a wide structure that suits all face types. Entirely handmade in the Geneviève Parois workshop, this piece is unique.

Originally, the headband was made of fabric or fabric and already had the function of retaining hair. It could be placed in a crown around the head. At the time of Rome and ancient Greece, it was adopted by both women and men.

It was much later that the headband became rigid to facilitate its use. It then slips behind the ears and stays in place without any problem. Forgotten in the cupboards for a time, because considered too conventional and stuffy, fashion designers have definitely dusted it off, and brought it up to date for a totally glamorous or even bohemian style.

Geneviève Parois makes the headband one of the key pieces of her collections and offers models revisited thanks to unexpected materials. This object, a priori not conducive to creativity, is shaped according to his prodigious imagination to make it an irreplaceable fashion accessory.


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